Ready-Made VS. Custom-Made ???

 There are a few things to think about when choosing the perfect window coverings. Well okay, there are a more than a few things...but one of the biggest questions we get asked is why custom? Why should we buy custom made window coverings when we can go to a big box store and buy those blinds that we can cut-down to size for way cheaper? Well, we say.... here's 5 things to compare when deciding between custom and ready-made window treatments.

1. PRICE. You get what you pay for. Yes, of course, ready-made window coverings are cheaper....but so is the overall product. These blinds are made with inexpensive materials that result in a product that will warp and break. Unfortunately, they do not come with a warranty, so you will be replacing them in no time. Custom window treatments are manufactured in North America and adhere to North American production, fire, safety, and quality work standards. These products come with exceptional warranties and will bring many, many years of service and reliability.

2. QUALITY. Truly there is no comparison between a ready-made and custom-made in terms of quality.

3. SELECTION. When choosing ready-made, your options for colour, texture, and product are very limited.

4. PRESENTATION. Unfortunately, ready-made blinds come in standard sizes. If you have a large window or an odd sized one, finding a ready-made to fit is very difficult. The result is poorly fitting blinds, large windows with multiple blinds, large side gaps that let too much light in..etc. Custom window treatments are made to fit your unique window needs in terms of both function and aesthetics.

5. ADVICE. When you choose a custom window covering, it comes with professional advice. We come to your home with our samples to assess your needs. We are trained how to measure, we are trained to troubleshoot, and we are trained to provide you with the best products for your unique windows.  We will also professionally install what we sell. When you buy a ready-made blind, you are responsible for the measuring, selecting, drilling the holes into your window frames and ensuring it fits properly. You are also on your own, and this can be very challenging.

So when it comes to deciding whether or not you select ready-made or custom-made window treatments, we hope you'll consider our advice. Let us help you make it us today for a complementary in-home consultation. Judy 250.782.4965 Robyn 250.467.3738

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