Introducing our newest line of incredible linens, towels, duvets and pillows... CUDDLE DOWN!

We are so excited to announce that Quail Cottage Amenities is officially offering Cuddle Down Ltd. products for sale on our website So, why are we so excited? Well, there are really so many reasons....
#1. Top of our list... they are Canadian and manufacture their products in Canada!
#2. The Cuddle Down Label stands for quality. Their linens are impeccable, the down in their duvets is the finest, and their towels are divine.  
#3  We know that many of you have an affinity for stripes, swirls, colours, textures and patterns and Cuddle Down products offer us so many lovely choices. 
So come on over to our website and check out our newest additions.... we don't want to keep these products just for ourselves (well, maybe some of them). 

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