SNUGGLE UP AND SAVE! Invest in your sleep with Cuddle Down's Duvets & Pillows

When you think about how much time we spend in our beds and how essential sleep is to our bodies and overall wellbeing ... bedtime is truly one of the most important parts of our day. Us quails believe that making smart investments in your sleep will help create the perfect bedtime/sleep experience for years.

A down duvet is truly one of the most dreamiest investments you can make. It provides a lightweight, insulating cover, that with the proper care, can sleep with you for over 10 years!

Here are 4 factors to consider when selecting your duvet:

1) LOFT ~ Loft is a measure of the insulating ability of the down. THE HIGHER THE NUMBER,   THE LIGHTER, FLUFFIER AND WARMER THEY DUVET WILL BE. Not all down is created equal. The best down comes from a fully mature bird. Many down products are filled with a less expensive, smaller down cluster that comes from immature birds. This results in a down that is not as warm or fluffy and will eventually break down faster.

2) THREAD COUNT ~ The higher the thread count, the lighter the shell. Not all shells are created equal. A high quality shell that is a sateen weave and finished properly will provided a lightweight, down proof encasement. Improperly finished shells will make a crinkling sound and not feel as soft as they should.

3) CONSTRUCTION ~ Baffle Box Construction is a way of sewing the shell that ensures an even distribution of the down and eliminates cold spots.

4) THERMAL LEVEL~ The more down in a duvet, the warmer it will be. Picking the right level for you is important to ensuring the perfect sleeping environment.

Light~       Best in Warmer rooms or for hot sleepers

Medium~  Best for cooler rooms or for warm sleepers

Warm~     Best used in cold rooms or for cold sleepers


Quail Cottage Amenities is proud supplier of Cuddle Down Duvets and Pillows. They are a Canadian company that is dedicated to creating, manufacturing, and finding the highest quality products. Their down products are certified by the Down Association of Canada and guaranteed that the quality and loft of their products are always as promised. We would love to help you make the perfect investment in your sleep. Until December 1, all of our Cuddle Down Duvets and Pillows are on SALE. So snuggle up and get cozy .... it's winter in Canada folks!

* discount taken off at time of check out!

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