All things Flannel...

We know, we know... it's not winter yet! But this little quail lives in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and once the sun sets, I can feel the fresh cool that only fall can bring. Last year we had an early frost on August 17th that took the lives of my tomatoes and precious squashes. So this year, I'm ready for it. I'm checking the weather and I am going to blanket my sweet garden babies at night....but it's got me thinking about Fall and Winter and how I like to wrap my real babies up in flannel. Hey, we gotta keep warm up here! And nothing feels better than curling up in a soft, warm and irresistibly cozy bed while the snow is falling. 

Quail Cottage Amenities has some great flannels... not the cardboard-rough kinds you find at your local box store.... ours are woven in Portugal and are incredibly soft with lots of patterns and colours to choose from! 

Check out this Morten Plaid Whisper Flannel or our newest Velvet Flannel Bedding

So I know... summer's not quite over yet and I sure am not trying to wish it away...but I have this hankering to start nesting. The weather is changing and it's time to start thinking about wrapping things up. Quail Cottage Amenities can help you find the perfect flannel for everyone's beds in your home. We have crib & toddler bed sheets and can have duvet covers made for all sizes.... we've got you covered. Happy snuggling everyone.

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