Bed & Breakfast & Vacation Rental Inventory--What you need to know

So you've decided to open up your home for Vacation Rentals or that Bed & Breakfast you've always dreamed of... now what?

Aside from the hospitality, the views, the food and the hosts, the heart of these businesses is the bedroom. Guests have chosen to stay with you because they don't want the "hotel" experience--they want lovely bed linens, airy duvets, Egyptian cotton sheets, and soft towels with matching robes & slippers. The bedroom is where you can really wow your guests. 

So where to start? 

1. First things first: What type of bed linens do you want to have? Think about how you are going to launder your linens? If you are able to send your linens to a local laundering service who will press your sheets or you are able to press them yourself, nothing beats the crispness of Egyptian cotton. If you are going to wash your sheets yourself and don't want to spend time pressing, think about a poly-cotton blend. With a high thread count and a sateen finish, a quality poly-cotton blend sheet can provide guests with a soft dreamy sleep. 

2. How are you going to dress your beds? Some common ways include:

The Classic Bed: with a fitted sheet, flat top sheet and a duvet with a duvet cover. This is type of bed allows for mix and matching of colours and patterns. 

The Hospitality Bed/ Triple Sheeting: with a fitted sheet, flat top sheet and an additional top flat sheet to "wrap" the duvet cover. This method eliminates the duvet cover and the time it takes to get the duvet in the cover. This type of bed looks great with throw or a blanket on the end of the bed to give it a burst of color.

click here for more information on triple sheeting

3. Inventory-- what should you have one hand?

The rule of thumb for hospitality inventory turnover is 1.5. So for each bed in your space we recommend that you have an additional 1.5 sheets & pillow cases. Again, think about how you are going to launder your linens. If you have to send them out, you might want have a turnover of 2. Accidents happen & wine gets spilt, and you really want to have linens on hand just in case. As for pillows and duvets, you might also want to consider having an extra duvet and a couple of pillows. 

4. Consistency & Quality

Guests notice this... they really do. It can be challenging to find the same sheets you purchased last year at that big box store. So think about how you are going to have consistency in your inventory. You will need to find a supplier that is able to provide the same high quality sheets year-after-year. Also, it really helps to have sheets that are going to last you year after year. Often, big box store linens fade, shrink or pill and when making a big investment in your linens, this can be expensive. A supplier with hospitality grade linens ensures that your sheets will have a long life. 

Quail Cottage Amenities can help you determine the type and the amount of inventory that you need for your vacation rental or bed & breakfast. We have the best selection, the best quality, and the best consistency of products in Canada. We are here for you and look forward to meeting you!


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  • Susan Routley says...

    I have just ordered a second waffle robe for my husband as his present one is threadbare. We discovered these beautiful robes when we stayed at the Vancouver House B and B in Penticton years ago. Good quality and very comfortable. Launders like a dream. Stays snowy white.

    May 08, 2018

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