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Bed & Breakfast & Vacation Rental Inventory--What you need to know

So you've decided to open up your home for Vacation Rentals or that Bed & Breakfast you've always dreamed of... now what?

Aside from the hospitality, the views, the food and the hosts, the heart of these businesses is the bedroom. Guests have chosen to stay with you because they don't want the "hotel" experience--they want lovely bed linens, airy duvets, Egyptian cotton sheets, and soft towels with matching robes & slippers. The bedroom is where you can really wow your guests. 

So where to start? 

1. First things first: What type of bed linens do you want to have? Think about how you are going to launder your linens? If you are able to send your linens to a local laundering service who will press your sheets or you are able to press them yourself, nothing beats the crispness of Egyptian cotton. If you are going to wash your sheets yourself and don't want to spend time pressing, think about a poly-cotton blend. With a high thread count and a sateen finish, a quality poly-cotton blend sheet can provide guests with a soft dreamy sleep. 

2. How are you going to dress your beds? Some common ways include:

The Classic Bed: with a fitted sheet, flat top sheet and a duvet with a duvet cover. This is type of bed allows for mix and matching of colours and patterns. 

The Hospitality Bed/ Triple Sheeting: with a fitted sheet, flat top sheet and an additional top flat sheet to "wrap" the duvet cover. This method eliminates the duvet cover and the time it takes to get the duvet in the cover. This type of bed looks great with throw or a blanket on the end of the bed to give it a burst of color.

click here for more information on triple sheeting

3. Inventory-- what should you have one hand?

The rule of thumb for hospitality inventory turnover is 1.5. So for each bed in your space we recommend that you have an additional 1.5 sheets & pillow cases. Again, think about how you are going to launder your linens. If you have to send them out, you might want have a turnover of 2. Accidents happen & wine gets spilt, and you really want to have linens on hand just in case. As for pillows and duvets, you might also want to consider having an extra duvet and a couple of pillows. 

4. Consistency & Quality

Guests notice this... they really do. It can be challenging to find the same sheets you purchased last year at that big box store. So think about how you are going to have consistency in your inventory. You will need to find a supplier that is able to provide the same high quality sheets year-after-year. Also, it really helps to have sheets that are going to last you year after year. Often, big box store linens fade, shrink or pill and when making a big investment in your linens, this can be expensive. A supplier with hospitality grade linens ensures that your sheets will have a long life. 

Quail Cottage Amenities can help you determine the type and the amount of inventory that you need for your vacation rental or bed & breakfast. We have the best selection, the best quality, and the best consistency of products in Canada. We are here for you and look forward to meeting you!


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All things Flannel...

We know, we know... it's not winter yet! But this little quail lives in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and once the sun sets, I can feel the fresh cool that only fall can bring. Last year we had an early frost on August 17th that took the lives of my tomatoes and precious squashes. So this year, I'm ready for it. I'm checking the weather and I am going to blanket my sweet garden babies at night....but it's got me thinking about Fall and Winter and how I like to wrap my real babies up in flannel. Hey, we gotta keep warm up here! And nothing feels better than curling up in a soft, warm and irresistibly cozy bed while the snow is falling. 

Quail Cottage Amenities has some great flannels... not the cardboard-rough kinds you find at your local box store.... ours are woven in Portugal and are incredibly soft with lots of patterns and colours to choose from! 

Check out this Morten Plaid Whisper Flannel or our newest Velvet Flannel Bedding

So I know... summer's not quite over yet and I sure am not trying to wish it away...but I have this hankering to start nesting. The weather is changing and it's time to start thinking about wrapping things up. Quail Cottage Amenities can help you find the perfect flannel for everyone's beds in your home. We have crib & toddler bed sheets and can have duvet covers made for all sizes.... we've got you covered. Happy snuggling everyone.

Summer to create the perfect beach oasis in your bedroom!

Create your own oasis with the latest beach-blue & sea shell grey linens from Cuddle Down! Our top picks are:

1.AZUR 100% Cotton Sateen

2. CALAIS 100% Cotton Sateen

3. MONACO 100% Cotton Sateen

4. PIQUE 100% Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave


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Ready-Made VS. Custom-Made ???

 There are a few things to think about when choosing the perfect window coverings. Well okay, there are a more than a few things...but one of the biggest questions we get asked is why custom? Why should we buy custom made window coverings when we can go to a big box store and buy those blinds that we can cut-down to size for way cheaper? Well, we say.... here's 5 things to compare when deciding between custom and ready-made window treatments.

1. PRICE. You get what you pay for. Yes, of course, ready-made window coverings are cheaper....but so is the overall product. These blinds are made with inexpensive materials that result in a product that will warp and break. Unfortunately, they do not come with a warranty, so you will be replacing them in no time. Custom window treatments are manufactured in North America and adhere to North American production, fire, safety, and quality work standards. These products come with exceptional warranties and will bring many, many years of service and reliability.

2. QUALITY. Truly there is no comparison between a ready-made and custom-made in terms of quality.

3. SELECTION. When choosing ready-made, your options for colour, texture, and product are very limited.

4. PRESENTATION. Unfortunately, ready-made blinds come in standard sizes. If you have a large window or an odd sized one, finding a ready-made to fit is very difficult. The result is poorly fitting blinds, large windows with multiple blinds, large side gaps that let too much light in..etc. Custom window treatments are made to fit your unique window needs in terms of both function and aesthetics.

5. ADVICE. When you choose a custom window covering, it comes with professional advice. We come to your home with our samples to assess your needs. We are trained how to measure, we are trained to troubleshoot, and we are trained to provide you with the best products for your unique windows.  We will also professionally install what we sell. When you buy a ready-made blind, you are responsible for the measuring, selecting, drilling the holes into your window frames and ensuring it fits properly. You are also on your own, and this can be very challenging.

So when it comes to deciding whether or not you select ready-made or custom-made window treatments, we hope you'll consider our advice. Let us help you make it us today for a complementary in-home consultation. Judy 250.782.4965 Robyn 250.467.3738

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

 For some of us more fortunate Canadians, the daffodils, crocuses and colourful spring bulbs are finally bursting into colour. For the rest of us, there is hope. The sun is sticking around a little longer, the snow melting back further and further. While we are still far from seeing spring flowers, we can feel it. It's time to open the windows again. Time to clean the grime from the sills and chase winter away. It's time to breathe life into our homes again! Quail Cottage Amenities can help bring Spring in your homes with our lovely, fresh & floral bed linens from Cuddle Down.

The bright apple green print of our Organic Green Leaves is bright and cheerful. Made from 200 Thread count 100% organic cotton, it is soft, hypoallergenic and skin friendly, and produced sustainably.

For a softer take on Spring, our Organic Florina line of bed linens blends soothing hues of mauves, pinks, and meadow greens. 100% organic cotton and 200 thread count, ensure that these linens are soft to the touch and completely chemical free.


 Lastly, our newest bed linens boast bursts of purple and yellow and truly capture the essence of Spring's bounty. Made from Cuddle Down's luxurious 200 thread count, 100% cotton percale weave, the Bethany line of bed linens are soft, long lasting, and very beautiful. Mix and match with our Percale Deluxe Solids to create your own fresh look.

To see all of our beautiful bed linens, please visit www.qcamenities.
From all of us busy little quails, we want to wish you a happy, bright, and colourful new season!