Triple Sheeting

Triple sheeting is a system commonly found in high end properties that is both cost effective and appealing to your guests. Making beds this way is a time saving technique for both housekeeping staff and laundry.

What you will require:

~ One fitted sheet
~ Two Flat Sheets
~ A quality duvet

The technique:

  1. After placing the fitted sheet on the mattress, take one of the flat sheets, cover the mattress leaving an excess of sheet (12” to 15”) at the top end of the mattress.
  2. Place the Duvet on top of this sheet, leaving the excess Duvet at the bottom of the mattress
  3. Take that excess fabric and fold it over the duvet
  4. Now take the second flat sheet and do the same as the first sheet, folding the excess fabric under the duvet.   This gives you a firm wrap that stays in place, and protects your duvet from getting soiled.
  5. Tuck the duvet under the mattress around the bottom and sides of the bed. You can add a scarf of fabric or a nice throw for colour if you wish at the foot of the bed.

To achieve this classic and stylized look, we recommend our 250 Thread Count and higher Bulk Linens. Try mix and matching a striped fitted sheet and pillow cases with plain top sheets for texture.